Metal Monkey (updated)

Hi, Heres something I made whilst waiting for my materials library’s to upload. I think the shader is very good.
By the way this was a deliberate effort to nake a metallic shader for Suzanne, it works differently on other models. My ‘project’ was to make a metal shader. I succeeded and mapped it to Suzanne. The ‘project’ being completed is now a Finished Project.
heres the original render that brought on so many complaints.
I have 2000 material tests , mapped to Spheres, they are tests. 1 hour render time with 2gig ram is not a test, well not after crashing Blender 5 times during the process with a 500kb file it ain’t. It’s Done!

This isn’t really a finished project. This is just a test for a shader.

So please put it in the test forum.

oh and the tests that led me to the finished product.

thanks M.A.

Its still a test project really.

this should be in the ‘tests’ forum, not finnished projects (no matter how finnishedit may be it is a test/example/non-scene creation).

I agree about the test part, nice shading though.

maybe if u modeled something and tried the shader on it, it just might qualifiy as a finished project.

thanks cd, at least you had the decency to note that the shader is nice.
to the rest of you, I rendered the original whilst waiting for my series of material library’s to upload. This particular texture is not included. Anyway despite the rudeness of the responses and the one star, you’ve got your scene.

Oh the monkey heads in the case are on sticks that you cannot see.

Nice tehnic but this must go to to TESTING part of the forum ? Admins ?! Move it to test zone