Metal Sculpture Like Chair

So far I need to work on composition and slight changes in materials and the chair itself. The was made to look like 1/8 inch rolled steel covered in a red powdercoat. I know already that I have to turn down the bump, but aside from that, how is the design? The youtube vid really stretched it out, I will try to get another vid on my website. The chair design was meant to conform to the body, so the thin metal slightly bends if sit down or even lean back. Hope you guys like it.
Rendered in yafray with the uffuzi probe.

This chair reminds me of a real design chair. This one is nice but I think it’s impossible to make it and it wouldn’t be cery comfortable.

Render and materials could be improved too. You defenitely need to add a floor.


I think the chairs themselves look pretty sweet. I’m wondering about the backdrop…you’ve put the chairs in a real-world setting, but they seem to be floating over the ground. I would either switch the background to some abstract design to match the chairs, or make it a little less blurry and make the chairs look like they’re actually sitting on the ground (cast shadows and such). You seem to be trying to tie the chairs to something concrete, but stopping halfway. But that’s just my first impression.

Right now I am only using a light probe to show off materials, but I am working on a contemporary space right now.

Try setting the “Premul” button before rendering. that way you still get to use the HDR sky texture for lighting, and only get the chairs rendered.

wow! didn’t know this… thanks, gotta try it.

by the way, are the chairs not looking a bit thin?

A little update(thanks for the tip)

No comments on the render, but a couple of thoughts about the design.

The rolled edge in the front will contribute substantially to the design’s stability, you should extend the concept to the back edge as well. Curving the footprint on the ground would help as well.

Now, about that “middle” leg. If anyone sits in this and it flexes, that plate will scrape along the floor, on a stone floor making a horrid shriking sound, on a wood floor gouging the crap out of the floor. If it were my design, I’d roll the back legs into a tube, and tuck the middle leg into the slot where the tube goes up and becomes the back leg. It might still squeak, but it won’t ruin the floor.

Also, if this chair is fabricated of sheet metal, that leg is made of the cutout from the back of the seat and the back. Where’d all that extra width come from?

Thanks for the comment, the middle part of the chair (area with the indent in the front) would be a separate welded piece smoothed and filled. In my other design, I have the middle leg connected to the back, but there are just horrible normals issues. I have done nearly everything, but if I do remove doubles, I lose all of the detail, which I have already done. I will consider trying another idea for the middle leg, thank you.