Metal Shine

Can any one tell me what I could do to get kinda a metal shine look?

click ‘ray’ in the render buttons, and in material buttons click 'raymir, and turn up the raymir slider. of course if there is nothing around to reflect, it will just reflect the color of the background, so make sure ther is something to reflect.

Do you mean chrome?

like on a metal tool kit like mac tools

i don’t know what that is, could you give another example? but anyway, if it’s not a smooth surface, you can emulate various surface qualities by adding another texture, or textures, and changing the mapping from col, or in addition to col, to nor, or spec. ‘col’ stands for color, ‘nor’ stands for the rendered normal, and ‘spec’ is the specularity. there are lots of other buttons to fool around with too. also you can adjust the levels with the nearby sliders.

I’ve been workin on a space scene for a while now, and I was wondering if anyone knows any good methods for making a nebula. The only thing I can figure out right now is using a bunch of irregularly shaped planes stacked one behind another using different cloud textures to change color, with alpha reduced. This method isn’t providing very satisfying results. Anyone got any ideas or know of any good tuts?

this is just a big wad of vertices with a halo material and the add and alpha and hardness settings tweaked a bit. i made it in just a few seconds so it’s not as nebulous as perhaps it could be but hey.

There are a few topics on Nebulas: