metal slug tank

Hi guys,
This is my first project: a little metal slug tank.
I still needs to make the wheel system and some more accessories (antennas and so on).
Anyway, I’m looking foward to receive comments and helps on turret and tank body. They don’t look “right”, I wasted alot of time on them deleting and recreating and they still looks bad. This is my last version, I opted for a simple turret, but it looks really squared, subsurb modifier don’t help me here, it makes the turret too round and I don’t want it.


So far, it’s looking pretty awesome. I wouldn’t change the turret at all - I like the way it has sharp edges. Is it supposed to be a real tank? If so, what’s the thing on the top supposed to be?

This should help:

@Ph4de: I have the same concept sticked on my desk and I look at it all the time, but I cannot figure out how to make the turret.

@Dragolux no, it’s not a real tank. The think on the top it’s a light (I think)

Good Work so far. I’m not much of a modeller so I can’t help much.

Nice start!

You need to use more loops and then set smooth on the turret. Then use the edgesplit modifier with an appropriate angle setting or mark sharp edges to get the shape you want.
Details about the above can be found at these places (in case you do not know about them) in the manual:

If you have any further questions just ask.

Ok, I came out with this final version for now. I will look at documentation to learn how to model better the turret and the body and how to blend the meshes together (they still looks separate pieces), but I’m overall satisfied with the final result.
I think it’s not half bad for someone who start ten days ago to model in 3d.