Metal slug tank

I started this project for a little contest with my friends, where the theme was “tanks”. I immediately thought of the famous and fantastic “partner” of all the matches I have done playing Metal Slug, and I started work immediately.
I was inspired by these images:

The result it’s this:

For more pictures (wires, turnaround, and other things) and a little tutorial for making simple wire render for complex object, take a look at my new blog:

The next step is the Environment.

I hope you like it!

Very nice. Like the detail. Going to rig it?

Great job modelling.
One thing I would try is to get the track teeth sticking out a bit as they go around the wheels like in the blue hand drawn picture - they look more like teeth that will dig into the ground giving traction and making them useful.
Maybe at least sharpen up the outer edges as they look a bit like round lumps that will slide on the ground instead of moving the vehicle.

Holy Moley! Amazing work. Yes, you are about to rig it?

Awesomeness, now lets see it textured :wink:

i finished this game over 100 when i was a kid, you did a nice job.

in critique though, are you going for the exact same model as in the pics you posted, or you free to play out of the box.
if the 1st then you have some obvious differences, the hydro-pipe way too smaller, the top is completely off, the track shells need to be open, the track cabin should suppress it in the middle, etc…

wow very good likeness :slight_smile: i agree with loopy of making the tracks look more like they have teeth, at the moment they dont look like they would give much traction :slight_smile:

Impressive! I checked the wireshots aswell and to me the topology look perfectly clean :slight_smile:

I’d make a tiny change to these pneumatic things I marked with red:

I’d make them a bit more bulky and massive in order to carry the weight of the top part of the tank better, and, it would fit the style better. IMHO.

I love it, brilliant.

Thanks for all the comments guys :slight_smile:

@Longaly: nope, I won’t rig it, because I’ll use it only for stati scene

@bat3a: I was inspired by two photos, taken here and there the details that I liked the most and adding something of my own:) I did ot want simply trace images

@LoopyShane & BrainsUnlimited: actually you’re right, I’ll try to modify those parts;)

Oooooh, look at those caterpillar rounds. It is a superb modeling piece of the original I agree Metal Slug fan drool

Now it only needs the proper texture, perhaps some cool brushed metal with some ground dirt on it and render it for great justice.

That looks really great! I wish I could give a good critique but my knowledge with blender is very basic. I would love to know your render setup. Like the material, lighting, etc. I am trying to learn how to do clay rendering but I get nothing that looks as good as yours. I’m assuming that isn’t rendered with blender internal. Am I right?

I did not want simply trace images
even more creative, that’s why i asked :slight_smile:

One word. AWESOME. I’ve bookmarked this thread and saved your picture of the metal slug tank to my desktop for inspiration. I am very impressed! On a semi-related note, I work in the trade show displays industry and your tank reminds me of a trade show display design we did for a company that makes suspension kits for tanks for the military. The had a real tank in the background, and it looked pretty awesome, but I’ve got to say that yours looks even more awesome. If we ever do anymore trade show displays like that I’ve got to remember this thread. :slight_smile: Way cool.

Incredible modeling. Inspiring.

Thanks again for the compliment :slight_smile:

@pbrad: yep, you’re right, I used a physically correct render :slight_smile: My setup is similar to what you can found in the file “Studio render of Nissan Pathfinder”, here:
So thanks to the Emirage for the fantastic set-up.

The environment is finished, here’s a clay render:

I took inspiration from one of the last tutorial of Andrew Price (here adding a bit of details, and a hdri to to improve the reflections.

It seems over exposed, but adding the texture should fix it.

In my blog ( you will find the wireframe.

The barrels and the shutters were first modeled perfectly straight, and then twisted and ruined using lactice.

I also uv-unwrap all the models that I need:

The next step is the material/texture!

Very cool, looking forward to see how this one turns out.

Wow, I love intricate models and this definitely qualifies as that.

It’s almost finished.

Here’s the result of the textures work:

I’m not so convinced about the texture of the wall and of the tank (it’s too plain), and on the oil slick.

Things to do: dof, post process with the nodes, add some detail.

What do you think?
You’ll add dirt and rust on the tank? or leave it as is?

A few suggestions. Tracks are too bright/rusted and distract, look at pic above, gray/metal maybe with some dirt and rust to add interest. Paint on tank is too uniform and needs some distressing and maybe a little less glossy. I like the look of the wall texture.

Awesome job overall.