Metal Sonic: Execute_revenge.exe

This is a game I’m working on. Originally it was intended to be a 2-d platformer, but I decided to make it 3-d. Go figure. I’m planning on making this a huge project, so I’m going to need a small team of about 4 people, including myself. Anyone interested, PM me.
It will have the most basic Sonic moves, plus:
Special attacks for every emerald acquired
Charge attack(substitute for spindash)
Black shield(From SA2:B)
A good storyline(Which SEGA usually lacks -.-)
Alternate endings


The famed Genocide City Zone from the Sonic 2 Beta.

At this point, I’m out of ideas. xD
This thread will be updated with screenshots after the basic engine is worked out.
[-] Modeller (I need a bit of help xD I’m not a Blender god)
[-] Music hunter (Self explanatory)
[-] Programmer (I’ve made games in Game Maker, but I don’t know much GameBlender code)
[x] Me (xD)

And what will you do?

i might be able to help you out on the modeling of the sonic character
just post up some pictures and ill see if i could still be bothered making him and other models for the game

How long do you think this will take and is this going to be a sonic adventure? game where you can walk around a 3d world as well as play levels… Its going to take ages!

Another one… we should be counting these ones. I think everybody would like to create their very own pc game, and some people (who don’t already know it is highly improbeble that they will be able to create one) ask for people to help them, here.

Search this forum for people who wanted to make a movie or game. There are loads of them. I wish you the best of luck, but I give you a miner change that you will find people to help you with it. Try your very own friends who live in your neighbourhood, that’s probebly your best shot.

Otherwise good luck, it is a nice idea.

Nobody I know in my town uses Blender, which is why I’m asking here. I have a lot of experience making 2d games, and I don’t see this as something different. In fact, I see it as a learning experience. In a few years, I plan to take some college courses in game design. Maybe work for Bungie or somebody. Anyways, mandoragon. It’s not gonna be a Sonic Adventure game where you can walk around in adventure fields, just play the levels. The very thought of making a SA type game makes my brain… twitch. Anyways, anybody who wants to contact me:
YIM: coo1_b1u3_h3dg3hog
E-mail: revanhedgehog [at] gmail [dot] com.