Metal texture with undercoating

Hi all,

Im looking for a solution to a texturing problem. I want to create a metal texture that has multiple layers. Like Steel with an undercoat and a finish. If you look at Boba Fett’s helmet this is the effect im looking for.,h_531,w_800/t_mp_quality/ixcv1edk0zb84ljpicnu/boba-fett-spotted-in-the-star-wars-episode-vii-trailer-3-has-he-joined-the-knights-of-ren-682677.jpg

I know you could essentially get a texture with this multi-layered effect and use bump and displace to achieve the effect, but my question is, can you create this layered effect with 3 different textures and masks? or something similar? So you are not restricted to a pre-made image.

I hope Ive explained this ok and look forward to any suggestions.

This collection of tutorials is an excellent primer on creating this kind of distressed metal. It’s a few years old at this point, but the essentials remain the same:

In cycles - Simply use a black and white image as an input into the fac slot of a mix shader. Where your image is white will show one material. Where it is black will show the other.

Thanks for the tips guys, I’ll check out these tips.

Hi again, this method works great, pretty much what im after, but how would you achieve the result with 3 layers of paint?
Iv tried a mask with black, white and grey and also 2 masks but cant seem to get the effect working.

Just extend material mix node count and figure how exactly you’d like masks to be:

Hope helps.

Ah, now i get it… tried it, this works!