metal texture

i’m trying to achieve a photorealistic weathered metal texture. i think it’s probably too reflective. but i think the reflection gives nice detail. i’m unsure about my lighting setup. is there a type of lamp that shows off bump/nor maps best? i like the sharp shadows that a plain lamp gives for details on the mesh itself, but i like the softer shadows of area lamps and spot lamps for the shadow that the mesh casts on other objects (the ground plane in this image).

using blender 2.4.2 internal render:

with some post color adjustments:
click images for 1024x768 size

please let me know what you think.

You can use both types of lamps; just activate OnlyShadow on the lamp that you just want for shadows (can’t really tell if you’ve done this or not already, though…). It looks good, but you’re right, the metal should be more dull if you’re going for a weathered look. Try turning down the spec and hardness and turn off Mirror. Personally, I like the first one better.


It looks very good, but I’d try turning down the spec in the areas where the metal in worn down. Keep the spec and reflect up in the non-worn areas.

thanks for the comments. i played around with the spec and hardness settings alot, i also kept mirror on, but set it’s value very low, and set fresnel value high.

i also changed the texture image (which i got from
this one is closer to what i originally had in mind.

i’m still playing around with lamps on this. doing a simple turntable animation with 1 sun lamp, no ray, and no AO.

i love texturing.

edit: no RAY, no AO animated version here: