Metal that bends

I saw a few videos on Youtube where a car made impact with a wall and bent realistically. I have been wondering how to do this, I’m assuming I have to use Softbodies. If anyone has a tutorial or some hints on where to get started with deformable meshes that would be extremely helpful! Thanks!

Oh, and that would be called a deformable mesh right?

Really? No one has an answer? I would appreciate it if someone would at least say “I don’t know”, that would let me know someone has at least read this. Maybe this post will bump it and someone will help me out here.

There is this demolition script.


Thanks man, happy to see a result. That looks really cool except the metal in those videos appears a little… clothish. However I’m sure with a little modification that can be fixed. Thanks for the reply man!

Some more videos from the project site.


Could you tell me how to get that script working in Blender please?