Metal Travel Mug

This is a project i had in the WIP section but i drastically changed directions and turned the scene into a breakfast/sunrise scene but now that it is over i hope i wont get sidetracked anymore.
so here for all you to critique i have two renders of my mug, one is a luxrender image with a scene but not so great textures and materials (i’m new to luxrender if anybody has good tuts on it hit me up) and the other is a little older blender render. if you could tell me what style you prefer it would be nice.

here is another mug the mug style i’m pretty sure i’m going for, just needs to be tweaked a little as well as have actual materials.


In order to make the scene a little more interesting, I might add some Hdr to reflect on the mug.

i was using hdr in my blender internal renders but i don’t know how to make it in luxrender.

Cycles :smiley:

The renders are good so far, but as was said, it is a fairly boring scene so far. Props make a scene really great.

The spill there doesn’t seem very realistic, if that was what you wanted from it. It looks like oil over a wet surface. Coffee spills usually turn out more “liquidy” than that.

ya i will try to incorporate more randomness in the liquid with my next render and i am trying to think of simple office supplies i could get into the scene and still have it work. (maybe some paper clips, and paper if i figured out how to texture objects)

Texturing is easy, trust me :wink: Just look around for some tutorials and trust me, you will find them.

I think the key is to find the scene that it is in. I assume right now that is “Office” for you, and that works. So make it really officy.
Going crazy with stuff is easy, and can help during mental blocks.

here is my attempt at adding some stuff, i intend to add more. i cant see my mesh light though if i want to make my mesh light in luxrender stronger do i increase my power, gain or efficiency?

ok its been a while but i have been busy here is an update, any comments or critique welcome.

PS. if anybody knows how to upload better quality pictures to this website(my renders are higher quality than this but when i save upload em they loose res) i would very much appreciate it if ya could tell me.

looks nice :slight_smile: i would go for more of a brushed metal tho

let this render sit longer also i’m trying to think of different mug textures (i would go for rushed metal but on the actual mug at my house you can barley notice the brushed metal).

Upload to to get higher quality. much better than BA attachments.

Right now the coffee looks quite a bit off. there is too much to have been a leak, but to little for the mug to have fallen over (and in the wrong place) it just doesn’t really add to the scene right now. Try a couple of renders without it. Have you tried this with Cycles yet? Because cycles is great for material viewing pre-render and take a lot off render and fiddling times.

Have fun.

thank you for the link, and no i have not tried cycles yet i couldn’t find a build with it on graphical. thanks for your input.

That is a build that I have used. Tehre is another one somewhere on there that is a bit faster, but not as stable. I use the faster one when I can, but sometimes I need to use the other one because it doesn’t chrash upon using a sky texture XD