I’m making a sword in Blender, and I want to make the blade look metal. What is the easiest way to make something look metallic? The only thing in the scene is the sword.

What I’d do is set up an environment, (Not necessarily in your sword scene) with sky, ground, and whatever. Just as long as there’s natural shades of color. Render an EnvMap, save the Env map, then in your sword scene load up the EnvMap. Your sword should reflect what isn’t there, but it looks really nice! Kinda like the post here:

Looks really nice.
Don’t know how to do Env maps? I’m sure there are tutorials around here.

Thanks for using my link jorx, but that is no env map :wink: That is an image applied as a texture. I got the image from imgrandpaboy. He has removed the link, but I am sure if you ask him nicely, he will let you use it.

It was applied as a regular image texture and then set to Tube mapping, “Col” @ 0.500, “REF” pressed twice (yellow), and “EMIT”. That was it.

In order to do an env map, you need to use an empty as the texture. The empty acts as a camera and take a picture of the surroundings and then applies it to the mesh, (a basic explanation).