How can i give something a metal shine?
And also why is the other color always pink with a texture like wood or sumthing?

Hi, for a shiny material, ie chrome, press the Ray Mirror button in the 'Mirror transp section of the material buttons. Then increase the RayMir slider.
The depth number is for how many bounces are in each reflection. ie if you have two mirrors opposite each other, in reality you see an infinite number of ‘bounces’. 2 ‘bounces’ will reflect twice before reflecting the base colour for the shader.
Fresnel & Fac(tor) are for angle & fall off of the reflections.

The texture is always pink by default. I think it’s just there to make it easier to see in a texture stack, as soon ass you add it.

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ok the chrome helps but i meant to ask how to make it not pink lol, thanks

Turn on the colorband or (if you’re not going to use the colorband) change the color in the MapTo tab.


In the Material Settings on the Map to tab you will see a bar of pink color. Click on this and change the color to whatever you want the second color of your texture to be. Why pink is the default color, the world may never know…

EDIT: Someone always posts the answer while I’m posting! Oh, well.


…yeah same answer…

Why Pink? Because it is an obvious color. If it were anything else it would be more confusing.

mmkay 1 more question well you press R to rotate something like up and down, how to you rotate a standing up object to make it lay on its side?

Press R to rotate, then either X, Y or Z to rotate around that axis.

Or use view change keys to go to side view, then rotate. (Num pad keys 1, 3, 7, CTRL+1, CTRL+3, CTRL+7.)


thank yah once again i think thats al my questions tonight

Oh crap, now when i render it only shows the background… The camera is aimed right and everything. Any idea why?

Ok well thanks for the help people heres what I made:

Its only my second thing ever so not that good :frowning:

lol Im used to invision boards

If you want to save a render after it’s finished, press ‘Escape’ key to return to Blender, then press F3 to save the image. Type in the filename & extension relevant to the image type in the render buttons. (F10)

With reference to the image you posted, the metal parts don’t seem to have the ray traced material, just a basic shader.

This is either because Ray button in the render buttons is not turned on, or you have the fresnel slider to high in the Mirror transp section of the material buttons.

If you want to send me the Blend file, I’ll tweak it for you and send it back.


Thank you people for all your help, and now behold, meh first finished blender thing:

hmm the shine on only one side is kinda odd, and the hilts a little bulky but 8shrug* w/e Im happy with it

Hit the sub surf button ni the edit buttons for the hilt. That will smooth itoff nicely and remove some of that bulkiness.

The reflection on only one side of the blade is due to a high fresnel setting at a guess. Either that or a high factor level.

Cube mapping projection would remove the stretching on the textures too.


Thanx for the tips. :slight_smile:

Ok kewl the subsurf did what i wanted. Thanx
But should i smooth it or does it look better and carved this way?

Yes I’d say smooth the handle and the hilt, but leave the blade as it is. You could use the Knife tool (K key in edit mode) to give some definition t the edges on the hilt, if you want them to be a bit crisper.

The wood texture looks really good in the last render.

This might help you with a few material settings, it’s an overview I did for There are screen shots of my material settings lower down the page.

Hope this helps,