Metalic Blender

(Dittohead) #1

if you can even call this metalic, i don’t know but anyway here it is:

comments, complaints welcome 8)

(BMD) #2

Very Cool! is it motion blur, post processing, both or neither? well anyhoo i finally have a cool blender wallpaper! thanks :wink:

(Dittohead) #3

made with corel photo paint.

it’s a photoshop clone. and i think yer all gunna kill me cuz i didn’t use blender, but photoshop and it’s clones ROCK!!! 8)

(ePlastik) #4

You heretic bastard! Thou shalt burn in hell!

(stephen2002) #5

didn’t ya read the BlenderBible?

“All Blender logos or representations of logos shalt be rendered in blender and only blender. Those who do logos in other applications shalt do 3D in a Blenderless land for all eternity”

heheh (be more creative, eplastic)

just kidding, nice pic.

(bmax) #6

you should’ve put “hell” instead of “blenderless world”, sound more dramatic and exaggerated. but on the other hand…isnt a blenderless world hell?

-1 critique on your image tho : its too blurred. doesnt have any detail whatsoever…