Metallic Butterfly

Hi everybody,
I would like to know what do you think of this image I made in Blender.
The background and the clouds are several pictures from CG Textures.

Thanks to all who will answer.

The lighting seems to be off, but otherwise good job and nice modeling

Thank you :slight_smile: I would like to improve the lighting but I don’t really know how. Would that be better if the background was darker and brighter where the sun is, to have more contrast in the light?

looks very desolate. It’s just a little out of perspective with background in question. You could try colour management for lighting.


Cool concept and nice execution!

Feedback :slight_smile:

  • Small (macro) objects usually have great focus differences so either the butterfly or background should be a bit blurred
  • I am not sure background should dominate as much unless it has a story to tell (e.g some post war scene)

Made a quick composition for you. Hope it helps.

Thank you Drawingisdead, I hadn’t noticed this tab :slight_smile:

Thank you Drawingisdead, I hadn’t noticed this tab :slight_smile:
cgstrive, I find your version of the image a little too much saturated but it’s really better with the background blurred and the butterfly is really more the point of focus of the scene. I’m gonna change that. :slight_smile:

Just my opinion, I believe the extra saturation greatly improved this image. I wouldn’t rule it out from your final composition.

looks very nice! :slight_smile:
maybe it is on purpose, but the main wings dont seem to be connected to the butterfly?

No they aren’t ^^ That’s something I wondered and I eventually thought that it wasn’t necessary but yes, maybe it bothers a little while watching the image, I could add little fasteners.

or just move them closer in… :slight_smile:

This is, I think, my final image.

very nice! now everything connects :wink:
coolest butterfly ever :slight_smile:
the colors go together nice too.

the final image is excellant, especially the metalic colors
this was a great thread to follow how you worked with the critiques and came up with a very nice result

Thank you very much :slight_smile:
Yes, this forum is a really good thing for that, there are a lot of people who Watch the threads and give some advice and really help you to improve your work!