Metallic Car Paint Shader

In this episode, we are going to create a metallic car paint shader.

We are going to begin by setting up the scene that will nicely demonstrate the shader.
This scene will be made up of three main parts, the floor with two types of shading for more variety in how things will influence each other, three banks of lights, and then a sphere object that will have the main material shader applied to it.

After we get the scene set up, we are going to jump right in on the material compositor. We are going to use the voronoi cells texture to get the metallic flecks, then use layer weighting to get the multi-colour depth that makes car paint look so nice.

You could probably turn up the lights a little more to see the effects of the paint a little bit more, but that is up to you, this shader will look good on most car projects. Every now and then you will find a situation that will require a tweak here and there, but for the most part this shader works in most scenes.

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