Metallic Porous Coating Texture

Hi all!

I’m working on a render for a medical device that has a surface texture known in the industry as a porous coating. I’d like to recreate this texture shown in the pictures preferably using a procedural texture, but really any way possible would be a huge help. The texture is metal and as rough as it looks.

A voronoi texture, color ramp, and a bump node gets 75% of the way there, but I’m wondering if there’s any way I could make it more realistic in cycles.

Thanks in advance.

Screenshot 2022-06-13 163157

This is one of my favorite nodelets for a porous material. Not sure if this helps, but I find it to be a functional improvement on voronoi for situations like this:


Hey !

Thank you for sharing your way. I’m noob in blender but require to perform the same as nateball wanted. Can you share some video tutorial of the same you’re following? It would be a huge huge help.

Thank you in advance.

There’s no video tutorial for this, just hook up the nodes as seen in the screenshot.

You don’t need a tutorial for that, you got this!

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I did it. Thank you. But I want to convert this texture to actual physical 3d imprint on the object. I’m not getting it satisfactorily.

Looking up “porous coating” I got the feeling it was made out of packed sintered spheres. Add some noise to the coordinates if you want more irregular shapes, and add a basic noisefield to the displacement output if you want to vary the height of the overall “balls”.

Here is what I came up with to look kinda sorta like sintered balls.

Can you even 3d print details this small? If so you could transfer this setup to geometry nodes with a ridiculously high resolution. I’m using adaptive subdivision with displacement only here, but can’t be transferred (by material) to actual geometry.