Metallic shine question

Hello Blender heads.

I’m trying to achieve on my logo a shinny metallic style to it. I have applied a chrome texture from the image and movie panel. I have also made a few spheres also applying the same chrome texture to them so the environment can bounce off onto the objects. But on the top of the logo there is no reflections, only on the sides. Now the orange logo has been done by a friend in another program and has made it mono chromatic orange/red with some reflections on the logo. So how can i achieve this in blender. The important question is how to make objects have realistic reflections to them.

Thank you.

PS: Some nice tutorials will be appreciated.

check your raymir settings, it looks like yours are set to be blurry.

Hi Modron!

thanks for the reply. I’m on blender 2.65 the latest release, where is the raymir settings? I’m new to blender.
can you please upload a screenshot where its location is.


I think what Modron meant is the RayMir (Ray Mirror) Settings. If you are using the Blender Internal render engine, you can find this in the Influence Panel of you texture. Try playing with the slider. :slight_smile:

Hi Zero!

Thanks for your reply. Would it please please be possible I can send you my SVG file and you set up the blender file on how to
make this logo metallic. I’m stressing to try to understand how its done. I dont even know if what im doing is correct., i feel like 8 days
now I’m repeating the same process and tutorials and getting no where.