Metallics: Evolved - Abstract, Geometric, and colorful

I have to admit, getting the lighting exactly right on this image was difficult, I tried several lighting rigs to get a good lighting in every corner of the image, I ultimately chose a rig of a couple direct blue area lights, 8 peripheral orange-red area lights, and 2 fairly direct orange-red area lights with AO at max power.

After seeing on my last image how good arealights can give metallic materials a good look I did the same here, took various tries to get right, and had to add some non-visible occlusion objects to get the AO to look right, I added some detail here and there to make it less boring, and then took several tries in Post-pro enhancing saturation, tinting it, and sharping it, but not in a way to make what little grain is there pop out.

Because of my new computer I am able to increase sample count of the ray shadows and AO and still get a decent time to almost delete the grain from raytracing.

I like it, It reminds me of a cityscape.