just finished…Inspiration in this concept art:

(Drops from the chair)

This is beautiful!

Exellent textures and model!

Very nice ndeed!

wow, if it wasn’t for the fact that this is under the “render” section, I’d say it’s a beautifully crafted metal statue. There’s no artifacts, the shadows are smooth, and the weathering is just… wow… Just how long did it take to render?

Great work! This looks like something from the Blender Gallery.

This is hands down, without a doubt, one of the best looking and most professional Blender renders I’ve ever seen. Congratulations on a fine fine piece of work. Submit it to the gallery on and you’re guaranteed it’ll be posted. Keep up the amazing work!

P.S. You’re sure it’s Blender right? :wink:

Unbelievable!!! Send it to CGTalk! I love it.

I know this is “fanboyism”, but, come on, it’s gorgeous!

That is outstanding! You’ve matched and improved on the reference so well. All the textures handmade?

Very Nice Work! Some of the best I’ve ever seen in Blender!

My only tiny, tiny crit after studying it is that the tongue seems a little low-detail on the texture map. That is the only crit, and I had to search very, very hard to find it.

Outstanding! Please post more work of this calibur!

Absolutly gorgious. The only thing I see is that I think I can spot some texture stretching along the top of the head.



“I don’t know where the polys end and the textures begin” -wise quote.

:o :o That is really good.:o :o

Outstanding. Really, that is beautiful.

My only crit is . . .

. . . I didn’t make it.

:o :o :o

Everyone has took the words right out of my mouth.No crits from me.
One of the best renders I’ve seen here.

Your on fire my friend. :smiley:

:o This is amazing- I tihnk it looks even better than the ref/inspiration
good job

That’s some piece of work. How did you do the cracks and gashes? are a modelling or textures?

absolutely fantastic, efficient use of modelling, texturing and lighting. Very crisp too! =D bow

I have nothing to add here, brilliant work.

the scars are so well done, everything is perfect

wow cool

Joining the Fanboy crowds:

Yay! Nice work there!