Metamorph Face - (First Post)

Hi all,

My first post here n the first time i show anybody my work. Im still a noob with blender being my first 3d apps. Have been using it for 2 months now, on n off, i learn modelling by making this head model and now into texturing an uv mapping and so far that’s all i’ve learned…please let me know what you guys think…

texture & postpro with photoshop (blur add)


Thats amazing. I’ve been using blender off and on for about a year and I have nothing that good. Keep up the good work. Was the octagonal pattern modeled or is it a texture with a displacement map. Great work

how did you make the face model?

Thanx upquark, its a texture from some reptile skin image wiht lots of bump. I wanted the dots to go outwards instead of in, but is yet to fiugure it how…

Press the “nor” button again;).

nice work.

wacththis: i used background ref image (side and front) then traced it using curve then using the edge loop - extrude - scale combo starting from the eye, nose and mouth…did half of the face only then mirrored it.

thanx for the tips blenditall…it works.

Nice work, keep it up!

/ Mats