MetaObject Editing

Is there a way I can cut a crease into a MetaBall? I want to get a mouth into this:

And can’t think of a way. Any help would be nice! Thanks :slight_smile:

you’ll have to convert it to a mesh first with alt C

Bah… Black Dots liney slash things are all over my mesh. Can I convert it back to a MetaBall? (It’s an Italian Meatball - That’s a one spicy a Metaball! :wink:

EDIT: I realized it duplicates it, leavin ghte original MetaBall. Is there a way I can make whatever happens to my Mesh happen to the MetaBall?

no you can’t convert it back to a metaball, but try looking in your blend folder for an autosaved version, or in your temp directory. you may just need to do a ctrl N with all verts selected in edit mode for recalculate normals outside though. also i forgot to mention that you can change the wire size of a metaball in edit buttons, which will give you a finer mesh.

Why don’t you use a negative power metaball, say a meta tube, to add the mouth?


You could use a negative metaball to create the mouth. The negative button is in the Editing window (F9).