Meta's Materials Librarys (800 Textures)

Hi, starting to rebuild the Materials Library’s Collection.
New links on my site if any are down

there are new Polorix Links on the my web page above also.

Unsorted 400 Materials & Textures…ry%20beta1.rar

re-hosting/distribution strongly permitted:)


What’s your position on people redistributing materials from this set in the Blender Open Material Repository? Giving credit to you in the comments, of course.

Any trick to open a .rar file - not familiar with that extension. Do I need any 3rd party software to manage this file type? Thanks, Michael

Download 7-zip

Googleplexer> re-hosting/distribution strongly permitted/encouraged, go for it.:slight_smile:
Once downloaded do as you like (preferably put them to good use),
no need to credit me although it would be nice.
mcgrathfx> 7zip or winrar
much more to come…back, again, + plenty of new stuff.
soon 800+ textures, later look forward to well over 1000.

Hey, thanks for the work, Meta!

Uploading to the Blender Open Material Repository is a great idea, GP. It would be fantastic for to all (fully-free) materials loaded there as the first choice to distribute a material, rather vanishing into a file-sharing service.

Then if people wanted to edited ‘best of’ collections, you could create archives.

It seems to be struggling right now as nothing has been uploaded for a month. It needs this to kick-start it again. I believe you download BOMR sample mesh and generate the previews for them before you upload the texture.

Thank you guys for the 7-zip info and all your good work Meta.

Update,Thats just about it for the Texture Packs Proper, now on to the
Pure Blender Internal Materials.

Hi Meta,
Do the wood, brick, metal, floor/wall, stone files consist of cataloged materials that are all contained in the unsorted meta_material_library_beta1.blend? If so, thank you for sorting them all out for us. :slight_smile:

lol, no they are entirely different textures.
the currently posted packs are all image textures.
however, I have sorted out the big library into category’s.
I’ll have 2 more ready to post soon.
then I’ll track down the sorted pack & split it into workable blends.
that will be about 8 or more library’s containing 70 mostly procedural materials & textures each library.
Here’ an example of how they look.


Wow! This is awesome - thanks again!

Brilliant, thank you in advance m.a.

It would be even more great to post it to Blender Material Repository

Hi, just a small update/bump, Seems like I’m getting a reasonable amount of downloads across the board,
Thanks Everyone.
Remember to play round with the settings on some of the materials as they can produce some great varied result.
Make a copy of the material & textures by hitting the add new buttons for all the textures you want to change, (by adding new you don’t change the settings of other materials/textures, as some textures are used on several materials), then play with the settings.
I am recovering a hard drive at the moment, expect some more library’s soon.

I think you can google rar and it should take you to the right file, note: it will turn ALL yout ziped files into .rar files

winrar does wonders.

Why are folks not using a friendly multiplatform archive format like tar or zip? For me, rar does do wonders–it gets me wondering!

.rar format is openable with either Winrar, or 7Zip.

Anyway, I have added all the library’s in now so theres over 1000 materials & textures free for any use.

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that is all i ever get at your site

sorry, i had noted on the site to use the Polorix links,
i have removed the googlepages mirrors to stop eating bandwidth too quick.
so it should be ok from now on or soon.

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On opening a file i get the above. ver 2.45

also when i get a blend file from here open it wont let me select an object to see the texture