Meteor Composite

Ok, since there were no more replies on the work in progress, I’m posting it here.

It’s a composite of a video I took with a Sony digicam on my backyard, and a particle “meteor”. Actually it was very easy to do, it took me about 1 day in total, with the new node editor.

A preview screenshot:

And the youtube animation:

If somebody wants the .blend files, or the .avi animation, drop me an email…

Very cool! My only thots on making a bit more “realistic” would be to have a bunch of “frightened” camera shake at the beginning, like the guy with the camera was so freaked out to see this coming, he had trouble standing straight and focusing on the object. Then, I would do a fade-to-white at the end (giving the proper amount of time for it to impact) with perhaps a bit of directional blur right as you go into the fade to make it look like everything got wiped when the thing hit.

eh… probably more trouble than its worth, tho, eh? Looks cool as is. Doing something this easily makes one question the truth of whats seen on TV these days. So easy to fake stuff nowadays.

my only suggestion is to ‘darken’ the footage when the camera’s CCD would be getting most of it’s light from the meteor, to simulate auto exposure.

I’m not sure how much of a pain it would be… but I think it would be cool if we felt/saw some explosion when the meteor hits the ground. Nice job though really!

Great stuff!

Did you use some kind of move matching software to keep the “meteor” stable in the camera’s view?

I agree with mzungu, but may add that - if the camera had been pointing in a slightly different direction in the beginning and then had a slight jerk to pull it towards the meteor (even some overshoot) would have contributed to the impression that you “stumbled” upon this great event.

At the moment is seems like you were expecting it and tracking it.

But, from a compositing POV - it is great!

I wouldn’t mind seeing your node setup in the blend file…


thats awsome! how the hell did you composite on the background, and show through the trees like that?

could you give a breif description / tutorial. i thought you could only composite infront of the movie image, not within or behind it. unless you used greenscreen, but then you would have to model the trees?

what the hell is going on here? i demand answers!

awsome stuff! cant wait to hear you composited this stuff into your avi clip. and if possible could you email the avi and .blend to [email protected] that woule be AWSOME! big thanks in advance!

ps what version of blender are you useing?


just saw your works in progress thread. and read the answer to most of my questions. but i would still love to see a tutorial written or even a little more detailed description to how you pulled this off.

Only one key. I just used the original footage as background, added the 3d meteor with a keyed alpha, and for foreground used the footage again, with a chroma key for removing the blue sky. Artifacts were just blended in, with a small luminance passband.

As I said, please make the blend available to me too. If you can’t host it somewhere, mail it to [email protected].



Thanks for the replies. I’ll post here on monday the .blend files. Cannot do it now since my connection here is awful.