Meteorite hitting a skyscraper (explode modifier + particles) - blend included

Hi, I made this tower yesterday, and after deciding I didn’t like it much, I figured I may as well destroy it :evilgrin:!
Blend File
Movie (38MB .mov, flash)

Pretty cool :D:D

Dude, Revver’s killed your flash file (Probably some 9/11 paranoia or something).

Weird. I’ve switched the link to youtube.

it’s better than I can do but it wasn’t very interesting…

Looks like a good demo, but I’m a little concerned by the building just hanging there like that after so much structural support has been taken out…

In my opinion it is interesting.
Looks like there’s currently a increase in meteor falls on that part of the forum:).
I haven’t tried out the explode modifier yet and I don’t know how much it can do, but the fall of the upper part fudje talked about can be made manually by separating the upper part that won’t be destroyed and animating it by common means. Then you can apply a second explosion when it crashes.

Yeah, I thought about doing that, but it’s a lot of work for just a test.

Sure it is. Just wrote that in case someone wonders how to do that.