Meteorite hitting the earth.

hi, this is my first animation in blender!
also my first animation with particles.
i made the particles the modeling and the lighting.
it took 12 hours to render because of the particles.
enjoy heres the link

Other then the video compression google video is famous for, it’s quite decent, though you could make tsunamies go across the whole Atlantic.

pretty good. But i fail to see the translucent outer shell of the meteor as it travels.
Nice Earth BTW.

It seems that the meteor bursts into flame way before it reaches the earths atmosphere. The distance the atmosphere extends above the surface is much much smaller in proportion to the radius of the earth (its like 350 miles or so). Also the camera is too far away from the planet; you’re trying to frame the entire planet in view. Other than that, good job.

Quite good. I like the puff of smoke after it lands. Only it doesn’t seem to make much a mark in the Earth really does it?!

thanks for the comments everyone.
i wasn’t really going for “super realistic” just a little project.

Aw come on! This can be so much better :yes:
Just do it :smiley:

WeirdHat made a video like this a long time ago. Except in his video the earth broke apart.

Nice for first animation, the earth looks pretty good plus the particle effect once it gets going. Although as already stated video compression is poor and it would be nice to see some devastating after effects, perhaps you could make the planet explode? I know that there was at least one thread dedicated to explosions on this forum. Good luck anyway

Wasn’t as exciting as I was expecting :stuck_out_tongue:

not bad though. More explosions please.

A meteorite the size of a car would do that much damage in real life,what with all of the velocity and stuff, the one in the video would make a bigger crater than the Arizona Crater(i don’t know if thats what its called)

This is quite good, but animations or renders about a meteroid hitting the earth is not that easy, because, if a metroid hits the earth, there must be a huuuge explosion, the clouds are vanishing, and a fire wall surrounds the earth.
Its not easy to realise this with blender, you need volumetric smoke and stuff.