Meterials and Textures will now show up.

If I add a material and texture to the default cube they work just fine. But when adding them to an object I made they wont. Like when I made a simple house I can add the outside walls but when trying to add the roof text it wont show. Or if I try to add a different text to the inside wall, the text I used for the outside shows up on the inside. It’s like it will only let me add one text to the object I made instead of adding different text on different parts of the same object. Hope I explained that ok.

Hi Stellarmayn,

Better attach your blend-file here.

Ok I think it’s better if you try to make a material for each texture and then aplly them in Edit mode to the different Faces:
So you create a outside_wall and an inside_wall material. In editmode you can select all faces on whick you want to see the inside_wall material and then in the Material Property panel you assign the Material
I hope that helps …

Ensure you create separate materials and in edit mode apply the correct material to the correct faces. Initially the first materil gets applied to ALL faces.
If you are using textures ensure you are using the correct mapping coordinates. The default coordinates are UVs so if you want to use these ensure you have UV unwrapped your object so the texture gets applied correctly