Method of multiplying render speed (request)

Gimp has a morph feature which can be used to create pictures in between two frames. If you want to double your render speed you just have to drop every second frame off which can be done through video sequence editor: Press n and set the strobe from 1 to 2. Of course that is just a part of the solution. Then you can use Gimp to morph those missing frames. Unfortunately that has to be done manually. My request is that some developers would find
this useful method to get animations in decreased time and create a method to do this automatically so that all you have to do is just taking care of settings, like “from x to y”.

Perhaps it would be worth consulting with Gimp developers to have such an automated feature either in Gimp or in Blender.

What do you think?

I think morphing is something else than moving.

Viritual Dub has this function in their filters. Check it out.

the blender sequence-editor already has such a feature… if you double the time of a clip (speed 0.5), there is an option to insert frames in-between.

but anyway: it’s a useless feature, it’s not the same… you should know, the human eye need 18 frames per second to get the impression of a smooth move. if you divide the frames per second from 24 to 12 and just insert frames in-between, you can’t get a smooth result…

if it were a good solution, it had already been invented.


Many commercial programs have that feature, After Effects, Combustion, Retimer etc. There are many Plugins for those programs too. They can remap time or frames by morphing the transition.
But to tell you the truth, morphing in between frames does not make things faster, and it can have a lot of artifacts depending on the complexity of the image. So, it´s not a reliable method for 3d animation.
That´s my opinion.

Not the same.

Wrong. The new techniques take in account the pixels flow direction so you can get a very accurate interpolation frame.

Example: Check the ReTimer software:

Indeed that’s my opinion too! :yes:

I know Jahka did some work on this and got it to work. I am not sure the reasons for not intergrating it. Time or maybe the speed? I think that it is called optical flow and Jahka has examples on his web site.

For those of you who don’t know, here’s what ibkanat’s talking about:


I used retimer many times although not for 3d animation, and have to say the results are very good. I know it’s used, and heard that also sometimes in bigger studios, for saving render times.

I think that it may be possible to use Retimer, but you have to admit that you have to spend a lot of time correcting vector curves and tweaking things to get things right. It´s like whole different animation process.