Method on falling objects hit a surface and register a point on a counter? Brick prog


I don’t know how to achieve this effect, I want to be able to have more than one object touch a surface, and adds a point to a counter. I thought may be using another object parented as a sensor, but that just conflicts with the physics of the objects which can fall to either fly off, or not be affected by another object.

I am using the bricks for programming, and 2.76.

Thank you.

So basically this?

Something similar to that, an object hits the objects that are stationary, once they fall over, the counter goes up one point.

Could an empty attached to an object register a topple over? I can add a point to a counter.

an empty can not register anything, it’s an empty for a reason. However you can use a property on the empty and use that to set a state, but this can be done in the object it self as well.

to tackle the fall over hit ground add point thingy is a bit harder, never done it but if i think about it, i would make everything that can fall over out of 2 objects, a smal base that stands on the ground, and a pole on top of it, then when you let it fall over, the floor or anything can register the pole hitting the ground and adding a point. So the base is just there to keep the pole from hitting the ground for unwanted points to register.

Well a cube parented to an object that is round, doesn’t work.

As for objects falling and registering, not sure how that idea could work, it seems too fake.

Could python code do this if it isn’t possible using the bricks? If so, how?

Would like an example of your idea?

Would like an example of your idea?

Not needed, an easier way is:

At the top of the pole add a cube and parent it to the pole, make the cube a sensor.
Now let the floor look for the sensor, so if sensor hit ground add a point.

(the sensor then acts like the balls from the movie above)