Methods for creating 'Suspended Bullets'

A lot of trailers involve a camera flying around a frozen, time-stopped environment. Some of these trailers involve firearms, and it’s quite often to see a bullet suspended in the air.

What would be the best method of creating the appearance of one, I would like to have it look real.
Sorry if this is in the wrong sub-forum, I couldn’t find one that fit the description more than this.

Hey, If I understand you correctly, you want to do a 360 around a bullet frozen in time? If so, you can add a bezier circle and parent the camera to it (after it’s pointed at the object you wish to follow) and that’s it.

No, I just want to have the bullet to appear frozen, from all angles. I won’t pull a 360, but the camera might pass over or under the bullet. I mean having the bullet itself appearing, I could do it simply, but I want to know how to pull off the air ripples and lighting effects used in professional trailers.

The exact details vary depending on what look you’re going for, but air ripples can be done pretty easily with a refraction shader.

Would the refraction shader include bending the light as in real-life?
I have not used the node editor nor Cycles.

To have it look “real” - you would simply suspend the bullet in mid air. The refraction ripple effects you speak about later in the thread (like you see in the Matrix, Wanted etc) are simply Hollywood glitz that do not represent “realism” in any way, shape or form.

This is what a “real” bullet looks like in flight.

to get visible shock wave refraction in real life requires something a little larger:

By ‘real’ I meant a authentic look, I have shot before and I know there is a huge difference between guns in media and in real-life.
Thanks anyhow, the second link was pretty cool.