methods of scaling/rotating textures

Hey all!

I’m new to Blender and rendering i general. Could you comment on the different approaches adjust texture mapping, like scaling and rotating.
I see one approach is to enter UV/Image Editor and modify the face(s) relative to the image, and another is to use Texture Coordinate and Mapping nodes.

Which i preferable for what cases? Are there other approaches as well?

Thank You for helping me out and have a nice one!

Both will work, and sometimes both are needed. All depends on what type of look/detail you are going for. You can check out blender gurus " anvil " tutorial on YouTube and go to the UV mapping portion of the series and he goes through both methods of scaling and changing UV map shape to reduce stretching.

If you plan on exporting the model, the cycles material won’t export with it which means any transformations made in the material nodes won’t affect the exported model.

However, UV mapping will get exported with the model, so modifying the UVs to position and scale textures will carry over to other programs.