Methods to hide texture seams?

blend: UV-seams.blend (1.19 MB)

Hi all,

I’m having trouble with covering up the vertical texture seam on this model.

Clone Painting won’t work in this case and there is no way to avoid creating the seam down the side of the cylinder.

What other methods can be used to address this issue (considering the model will eventually be used in a game engine, say unity)? I feel like there should be an easy solution, but I am getting nowhere…

Since the texture is tileable, adjust UV’s so that the pattern match on the seam. Could use connected proportional edit tool in the UV/image editor and then move along X. It’s a bit tricky because the selection makes the texture less visible, but you could check what some portion of the pattern should look like on a clean area, then move that on the seam edge. That gets you very close, then just zoom in and tweak to make it match perfectly.

Thank you JA12, I tried this method and was able to get the texture aligned! This is certainly a useful technique and solves the problem with this model.

Just so I have more tools under my belt when dealing with texture seams, I would appreciate anyone posting more techniques to resolve texture seam issues! I’m sure it will save me from at least a few future posts!