Metroid Comic

The son of a friend of mine drawn a short, one page, Metroid comic the other day. I decided to expand upon his idea and draw my own comic, just for fun. Here it is:
Click to see higher resolution image at deviantART.

First, you’re competent. You can draw. That’s more than I can say for a lot of webcomics. Picture me patting you in the back with enthusiasm (don’t worry, claws retracted).

Second, you know the story and didn’t go against it. You didn’t go genre-mixing or ad-libbing an obnoxious over-talkative Samus. She’s on character even through such a small story.

Now just a storytelling suggestion. It’s true there’s no story without conflict, conflicts needs to collide with desire or intent from the main character to carry the story. Samus appears to be doing nothing when she’s suddenly attacked. Now, for example, imagine that she’s looking for a load of rare minerals these “space pirates” dudes have stolen – the more important the minerals, the higher the conflict, the better. She wonders (in a thought balloon in the first panel) where those much needed minerals are. Then the battle happens, and in the last panel, the goods are sprawled on the ground along with Riley’s burning remains. It doesn’t matter if she nails a pun on his rival or not; you have a conclusion.

You’re doing great man. Don’t forget: desire and conflict.

Thanks, CubOfJudahsLion. I know that there isn’t much of a story there – after all, it was originally written by an eight year old. I just thought that he’d get a kick out of having his comic redrawn. :slight_smile: He’s always having me draw pictures and make things in Blender. He hasn’t actually seen it yet, so I wouldn’t know what he thinks until tomorrow.

If I were going to write a real comic it would be a lot longer. The artwork would also be a lot more detailed. I just rather quickly thrown this together over the past two days, but I’m very satisfied with how it came out. This was one of the most fun projects I worked on, because I could do anything I wanted to it and it wouldn’t really matter much.


Great images!
How do you make the comic style for the render?

ouch! poor dragon! nicely done, i try to draw comics all the time but i dont have the patience!
and you clearly have that and the skill.