Metroid Quarantine A


Following that ridiculous E3 presentation, I decided to recreate another room for the original Metroid Prime, this time the metroid quarantine a zone from the phazon mines. This room a quite a bit bigger and more complex than the previous room I did (ruined fountain) so we’ll see if I can stay organized sanely and not run out of memory rendering this! Here’s my progress so far:

Exit area:

Panorama of the lab area and the main shield-gate separating it from the quarantine area

Upstairs in the lab control area

Still have a lot of work to do in the lab area (crates, chemical bottles, tables, weapon racks, final layout of the tanks and such, more debris, detail out walls and the like). Also, I need to make actual metroids for the quarantine area. More to come, I hope!

Some small updates. Added gun rack, built second (glass) tank design, added the floor vents.

Looks good so far, like the composition of the mushroom things, balances well.

Beautiful work here! Keep it up.

Some more updates on the lab area

Nothing new to show on the cave right now. Need to model some stalactites and better “stick-on” rocks for that.

Wow. Amazing. :slight_smile:

Nice level of detail! Well done so far!

More cave work and debris (crates!)

Mostly happy with the modelling at this point. Debating if there is anything else I want to add before moving on to texturing it. (and figuring out other camera angles to better show more of it!)