Metrony Gurvan - Post Apocalyptic RPG/FPS with Parkour

This is my project about a post apocalyptic rpg/fps with parkour elements.


Download link for the demo version(older, complete different but with zombies version):

Walk = WASD
Jump = SPACE
Pistol = 1
PPSh = 2(when bought)
Barricade = 3(when picked up)
Interact = F
Reload = R
Jetpack = ALT(when in air)

How to play:
!Since there is no loading screen I suggest to make a 360 NO SCOPE :wink: to load the map!
Go into the black cube and press “F” to get your objective.
Press “F” to exit the save zone when you are at the gate.
Kill the zombies and have fun.
Hint! You can get your PPSh in the hall on the left and go back into the save zone as much as you want.

!!!Download Parkour Version!!!

For now you can try to get used to the controls

SHIFT Sprint

Just tap SHIFT once while walking to sprint
Jump on wall while sprinting to move upwards
Jump on wall sideways while holding the directional key to the wall side to wallrun sideways

TAB Inventory
O cheating some EXP
P spawn a small test area

Please tell me your feedback and report any bugs. It will help me much :slight_smile:

Nice work :smiley: looks really good especially for just using logic bricks.
How many other weapons are you planning on adding?

this is really good! :yes: good luck!

I want to add more weapons(MP40 is in work) and a place to upgrade them like the Pack a Punch. It´s not that hard to make more weapons and buy them etc. so at the and there are many weapons.

Thank you for your nice words and that Thatimster wrote something here. I watched your videos since you were in the beginning of your blendertutorialcareer :).

So youtube had it´s finger in the videoquality I uploaded these HQ-pictures with some progress of the game and that
you can see how it really look like:

I want to ask you wich color looks better on this weapon. It´s the upgraded version of the M1911 Colt.
So wich color looks better Red of Gold?

Just watch this video:

It would be very helpful if you would choose some things because I make this game for you :slight_smile:

Added some more things:

  • upgrader

    • upgraded colt
  • bigger map

  • crosshair

  • hitmarker


-(PPSH) many animation-bugs on the weapon
-(Colt Devil) projectile shoots from a wrong position

I have to admit, this is pretty impresive… seeing all these games expanding inspires me to continue my game(when I have the time).

If these are zombies… why no headshots? :open_mouth:

I´ll add more hitboxes later. This is only the begining of something big… maybe.

Now the main menu was added to the game so you can select levels(for now only one) and read information about them.
I added a loading screen for each map. The other map is just a placeholder to show the features.

I hope you like it.

Here is a video:

In this update I added:

  • MP40
  • a turret
  • a new zombiespawnpoint
  • made the map bigger

Here is a video:

Nice work! I’m curious how you got the loading screen (with the spinning icon) working?

Just make a new camera and let it float through the whole scene. You can just parent a plane to the camera and the star is just a object with a spinning motion. When you do this then you don´t have the little lags anymore when you first load the scene.

This is just a test I want to share with you.

Here is the video:

I remember a lego starwars level where they did that but the lightsaber poked through from the reflection side.

I’ll be honest, I don’t like the reflections on the ground. They’re really distracting and disorienting.

This was just a test how it would look like.
I don´t want to use it in the game.

  • worked on the Colt animations
  • added P8 Luger
  • added doors ( Zombies spawn only in the open rooms )

Damn impressive for using only logic bricks.