I’ve spent a little while on this project and managed to get a half decent looking Mew compared to the boxy disaster i had beforehand. I also spent a little time modeling a pokéball to complete the scene! I need opinions and advice on what to do next as i know this isn’t quite finished yet!

No one got any comments to give?

You have to make him some tiny arms and I think his legs should be much fatter.

it looks really nice, but we need a wireframe to give it a good critique. looks very cool though.

Here is the Wireframe you asked for!
Also here is a link to the blend file if you want to check it out!
I can’t believe i forgot about the arms, it must have been late o-O. The problem with that is that i’ve already added my sub-division surface which is going to make it hella tricky to get the arms in (to the extent of my knowledge anyways…).

well it’s quite a bit denser than it needs to be. have you considered retopologizing it? that is when you use your original base for the form, then build another mesh over it, using surface snapping. when you want to make something that is quite high poly, more low poly, or improve the edge flow, this is the way to go. aslo, you can build your original form out of multiple objects, and then retopologize a seamless ( non manifold ) mesh over them. it’s quite a useful skill to have.
(edit) here’s an example of a retopo which i have just started this morning, of a scuplt i did that needs to be lower poly…

I have no idea how to do something like that haha! :’)

it’s quite easy. i will break it down for you in a few…

Ah thanks a lot!
Will this also make it easier to create/join the arms and i’m sensing they might be a bit of an issue to make/join…

ok, first, follow the steps in the first diagram…
now, on your main toolbar, which is located directly beneath you 3D window, click on the button the looks like a magnet. in the little menu on the immediate right of that button, select the ‘faces’ option.
then, over on the right, in what i think is called the properties panel, up on the top, click on the button that looks like a cube.
now go down to the menu that says ‘display’ and click the checkbox that says ‘x-ray’.
now you can start to retopo. when you move or extrude a vertex from your plane, it will snap down to the surface of the sphere, or whatever else is behind it.


I’ve done it but i have no idea how to apply this to my actual model. That and the technical impossibility as my machines lags a lot whilst playing around with the model currently…


well you would just start by adding a plane in front of your model instead of a sphere. but the bogging down is caused by the poly density of your model. you can fix this with the decimate modifier, but it will destroy your current topology, so you may wish to make a copy of the file first. the decimate modifier will reduce the poly count to whatever ratio you wish, but it leaves ugly topology. however it is suitable for use as a base mesh to retopologize.

This is the first render shown with the model as it was with 65229 faces (shudders).

This is the second render which is with the Decimation which brings the total face count down to 9607.

For such a dramatic change in faces the model hardly looks any different (a good thing!) and since i can’t get the hang of the method you showed me i’m wondering if i should simply keep it like this?

well you can always try retopo again later. looks like the decimate modifier did a nice job in this case though.

Anything else you can suggest? anything in general like background objects or things like that to make the scene look better :)?

maybe some particle grass and a tree ( sapling add-on )

Scene with Trees and grass. Took me a whole hour to render…

[ATTACH=CONFIG]240975[/ATTACH] Second scene without grass took around 5 minutes

Third scene with a lower resolution.

Edit changed a few settings and came out with a much better result! (this render only took like 15 minutes prior to the previous hour)

*Edit2 - 200 samples

looks good. nice material on the pokeball.

Thanks! probably the best render I’ve achieved to date.
And the Pokéball material was easy just a glossy material. Feel like i’ve improved dramatically over the last three weeks haha!