Mexican colonial night scene

Hi guys,

Im working on this night scene, I want it to be a night scene, the story will be that there was a couple of people just having a drink and having a nice conversation in this nice spot. there will be a table and chairs and a couple of wine glasses and some bottles…

but they went into the a room so you dont see them…

I would like suggestions on materials, “realisticity”, lighting… etc… i can add and change lamps and or other furnitures…

Thanks in advance !
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I think you should put some stars in the sky. Also, you might want to put some lights by your vines. They look really cool, it is hard to see them.

here’s un update, i would apretiate some feed back… stars are comming :wink:

one more update
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The eyecatcher is defenitly the wall with the beautiful mirror. i like all the diffrent clay and stone mashup details. The lighting on the 2nd Image looks a lot better. i think you also switched the lamp color from pure white to a bit yellowish color?
I first thought the mirror is a passageway, with a garden behind the walls. It’s because of the almost perfect reflection. maybe make the reflection a bit less or add a bit randomness to it, like a old mirror, with scratches or an uneven surface.

I have added candles to the jars on the wall, its way too dark but ill re-render it and fix the light on the top left which doesnt cast ligh ( as u can see on the wall ) and add a bit more of moon light…
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By the way how do i add the thumbnail to my post ? thanks !

Looking good. One issue with the last one is that there’s no shadows (or they’re way too soft). If everything is being lit by candles and the lamp, the chairs and table shold be casting hard shadows. Also, everything should look warmer (since lights are warm).

Fixed the light on the top left… but still no shadows and too dark… im fixing that next… thanks for the feedback !