Meyfei's Genuine request

I would like to ask if anyone would be willing to volunteer some of their time on weekends, or later in the day on weekdays through skype to tutor me. I’m a hands on learner and have a tendency to stray when working alone/On my own. What i’d like to get a grasp of is the shortcuts, and put them in use and get a feel for Blender. Eventually I would like to begin creating objects and growing farther and farther with my skills.

On another request, I would like to ask if anyone would be willing to allow me the use of some models, like character-bases, inanimate objects(chairs, tables, “rooms: Dungeons, caves, etc”), floral, insect, etc. and some texture packs.

Here’s a little to go on about me, This account is some-time old but I’ve recently decided to return and give this another try. My system is a Dell Dimension C521- purchased in 2006 from a TV offer(lol), It’s got 2GB DDR2 ram, single core AMD processor running at 1.8Ghz, and an ATI Sapphire Radeon HD 5450 1GB. Although it’s horrid and probably made many of you cringe, I can play Tera or WoW while in a call on Skype and even play PSO2.

Thank you for your time. Hope you hear from you.

Note: For skype requests just post in here and/or-just send me a private message with your Skype ad, as mine tends to show over 50 other names.
Note2: I’m also following a tutorial on Youtube where someone is creating a game world for his 7th grade class and I’m learning from that as well.

I’m learning self-taught with Blender and programming languages such as C++, Python, Web stuff(HTML, CSS, PHP…).
Honestly, with the internet it is easier than ever to learn ‘solo’.

I’d recommend doing the following if you are serious about learning Blender - or anything for that matter:

1.) understand that there is tons of FREE info/tutorials & models online. Ex: Andrew Price is a great teacher, look him up.
2.) If you want to STAY motivated and learn “solo” for anything, then I highly recommend you search for the thing that makes you excited to get up in the morning it makes the motivation side of things very easy. If 3d modeling is that thing, but there are times when you find it hard to get back to work on a project you are doing then understand that these times are normal and is part of the creative process. {seriously, look it up!)
3.) it also helps (from my experience anyway), to stay positive and say things like, “oh, I just learned how to do proper model topology! Great now it looks a bit more like what the pros do! Sweetness!” instead of being negative. I find that when I’m negative, productivity drops, quality drops, and well you get the idea. Just be positive.
4.) if you believe you can learn ‘solo’, then you can learn ‘solo’. Simple as that.

Hopefully that helps! :slight_smile: