MFA show (edited) knife final included

for those interested in using blender for industrial design as a idiation tool here is a nice example of how blender can be used:

the digital rendering and hand made:

as you can see the top handle of the knife is different, well the silver deformed because i forgot to secure it, all i have to do is to bend that but i will do that later.

well as you can see i had some trouble with keeping dimensions in mind in blender. the cocaine container changed a lot. but thats not to bad anyway.

blender helped me a lot and offered me most tools i need for serious modeling and rendering my metal work. well with true nurbs tools things might be faster, because than i would not have to model filles and holes which are a pain with polygones to get the desired edge renderings but the subdiv tools in blender work quite great!


no comments?

Utensils of death? Are you saying that our culture feeds us death so neatly packed, that we don’t, as consumers and humans, even notice it?

Your models are great, very nicely detailed. I actually like the render more than finalized product photo.

the photos are actualy only quick shots of course as you can see.

flatware and consumption, in this term drugs, that is the theme of this
design here.

I hope you don’t use 'em :o
Realy cool that you actually made them in real!
Great concept and stuff!

well the heroin spoon is missing and will be the only one which will not work.
well the balde works, somehow, the forkl at all. the point is not to use them.
hell that would be an expansive toy, i guess at the moment each one would be around 400 to 500 dollars only in labor time.

the thing is the concept behind. i am more into conceptual work at the moment, but i do not dislike the addition of craftmanship. to many artists throw some stuff together and have maybe even a good concept but no craftmanship. for me fine arts need both. somewhere you need to draw a line.

this pieces will be part of my MFA show in may.


Nice renders and good (but quite strange) ideas.
Can you tell me how you realized your products (i mean the real one) ?
I’m waiting for the full view of the knife, i’m curious to see what was your design for such a product.

well i get my MFA degree officialy in 3d studio but as diverse as i am i like rather to combine skills than focus only on one. that means that yes i am learning silver smithing at a grad school but i rather see silver as another medium next to my digital skills anyway.

so in blender this time i just model my work to figure out proportions and interactions cause there i can model it in a way i would be able to solder the pieces together later. the handles are forged and filed, the rest is sheet metal and tubing which is cut, bended and soldered together.

digital renderings always look better because they are perfect. but to get that with hand made work, it rather requires the equipment and time of a god.
both which i dont have so some mistakes happned and on the lfy designs changed a bit, but most times improved.

ah well idea wise that is basicly what the academic level of silver smithing for mfa is about, just doing some nice pieces isn’t it.

the next set will talk about flatware and consumption in terms of power.
you do not only consume food in this context.


Ok thanks for all those details and for the new pictures.
I’m quite impressed :slight_smile:

Nice (blender and real) works.

thanks, well each silver piece took me nearly 5 days to fabricate.

this is all work in progress, so everything i show is not 100% final.
at the end things might still change. when the spoon is done i will make better shots of course.

nice work :smiley: I have seen these renders before and liked them its very cool to see some one take some thing from the mind and make a pic and take it one step further into reality. did you have problems making the transition from 3-d?