Hey all, just looking for some crits on my latest project. This is the interior of a castle of a Lizard King. Anyway, I’m pretty happy with it so far, but having trouble with the reflection from the water. Any Ideas? I’ve just mapped the same texture that I used to displace the water onto some spot lights which project it onto the roof.

P.S. Ignore the cone shaped thing in the first pic, I forgot to mute that layer.


Made the water a little lighter and bluer.


I like that building, Looks like a Palace or a Museum. Very Good. :yes:

But I don’t understand why are you having problems with refections, :confused: a simple RayMirror should be enough (usually I use arround .2 or .3 for water)

The surface is reflecting fine, but you know the pretty lights that are projected onto a wall or ceiling from a pool or something? Something like this. I have no Idea how to make it look decent.

Here are two links to causics tuts: I don’t know how applicable to your project those would be but caustics seems to be what your shooting for.

Thankyou jcode, that was exactly what I was looking for. Now to make it work.

As far as I can see, the only way to do caustics in blender is with Yafray? I got some cool results, but I couldn’t get my nodes working with Yafray, and the colours and lighting were too different to the other scenes I have already rendered. The solution I have of the textured lamps doesn’t look too bad in motion though, so I’ll just stick with that.

Here is a view of the throne and some fire. I know that it is a little plain, but that is the look I’m going for. It wont matter with a whole heap of humanoid lizards running around.

Now I’m going to have to finish the Lizard king finally.


Here is my Lizard King Mesh. It’s about 60% Rigged. Just have to do the face and some bones for easy control. (Like IK arms, and tail. The legs are mancandy style rigged.) Then it’s on to dressing him and textures.

EDIT: Actually, this is my generic Reptilian mesh. I plan to have a few of these guys so I’ll just change each one slightly and have custom textures. This one will eventually be the King though.


Yes i can remember coming close to the conclusion you have there, but my scence creation skills aren’t as complete as yours. I was only able to work with simple forms and materials. blender still falls short on the subject I guess. It would be nice to have solutions to caustics involving other renders , perhaps integrated in to the internal renderer.

I like your scene, hard to comment on the lizard king without seeing some angles, wire, and OSA would help as well.

Jim from The Doors = lizard king

Anyways, the building looks cool

Nice work on the building, and good start on the generic lizard mesh, now you need to bring in the details and flesh out the lizard mesh.

Thankyou everyone. I intend to do a bit of sculpting after I rig it. Not too much though as my computer can’t handle very much. I think only for the face and chest. Only have the fingers, toes and face to rig now. Here is some wires and a bad semi drunk pose. Also, much of the Lizard will be covered in Armour and a cape.


Pretty well finished rigging, just having a few problems with the hands - they just don’t feel as smooth and nice as the rest of the armature… I’ll have to keep working on them later. I’ll have a look at a few other free rigs. Anyway, here’s the blend if any rigging experts want to have a look.

EDIT: Main Controls are on layer one, secondary controls are layer two. I don’t think you’ll need to look at layer 3 & 4.


Reptiltian.blend (752 KB)

Got sick of doing the character, so I took a break to do some more of the sets. Here is an early version of the ‘palm beach’. It takes a long time to render, mainly for the ray traced shadows and ambient occlusion.

I think what I’ll do is to render in a few layers and composite them to make it seem a lot denser. Then I’ll use the ‘dense’ forest mapped to a plane as the background for the action.

I haven’t used subsurf on anything yet except for the character. Don’t spose anyone has looked at the lizards rig and has some crits?


Here is another pic with the forest more populated. This takes about 10 minutes to render - far to slow for animation, especially with the five or six subsurfed characters in the foreground.

EDIT: And the quick and dodgy composite.


Here’s a finished ‘character’ that will appear briefly in the palm beach scene. I didn’t make it too detailed, as it won’t be drawing attention, and I need to spend the time on the main characters.

It is basically a crocodile/alligator that is used as a horse. The beginnings of a throne can be seen on its back. basically just a subsurfed rectangle with textures, four IK legs and a spine that allows a waddle type walk.

If I choose to use this in a future animation I’ll give it more detail, but until then…


My apologies for being really jumpy with my progress (different hour different model), I get bored easily. Thats why I make short animations, cause my attention span isn’t too long and also to build up my asset library in the hope that I can make a large scale animation with half the work done someday.

Anyway, my point is that I started on another set. The tunnel pic follows.


So… because of my script, I have 6 sets to build for a 3 1/2 minute animation. A lot, I know. Anyway, so far I have done:

  • Space
  • Castle EXT
  • Castle INT
  • Palm Beach
  • Tunnel

and now introducing EXCAVATION!!! This one is far from finished. The other tunnel pic that I’ve got there has included a torch without anyone carrying it.


Here’s an updated pic of the excavation. I decided against having a tent, and will instead have some ruins. The sand is now sculpted into some form of shape.