This is my first post here. I’ve played around a bit with Blender in previous versions and am now getting up to speed with 2.64. I picked the MGB as it has proven fairly tricky to model for me with a fair number of curved surfaces that intersect at semi-sharp edges. Here’s the progress so far. Most of the main body is done although I’m still tweaking the surfaces and topology:

Years ago, I created this in Impulse’s Imagine:

It’s pretty much polygon by polygon with no subD surfaces. I’m starting to get my mind around the subD workflow so already this is already coming out much better than my attempt in Imagine.


What you have so far looks good; I’d check out the bumper though, there appears to be some unevenness.

Thanks for the comments. I agree about the bumper. It’s just roughed in at this point, definitely a lot of work to go…