MGK custom Chopper UPDATE ..Dail up warning !

Work in progress … gonna model a scene for better reflections etc etc //
any CC is welcome … specially if you you see something really dumb :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW the colour came out that way with OA on … but a nice orange without …

Yafray came out cool too … but took me too long and I actually liked the blender internals render better

needs a engine :wink:

wow. whatever happened to you ? you disappeaerd for awhile there. as I am about to do. good seeing your work again. as always …looks good.


Im around , On a lot of 75 sites ATM , so no time to frequent the boards :stuck_out_tongue:

Hit me on ICQ we’ll touch base .

A little update .
I’m working on the lighting somemore , and then a load more detail .
CC still welcome .

I merged the engine into one chunk , and now I cant get rid of the ugly black on the block …

how do I delete all the materials for the entire engine , and then just make it all chrome ?

thanks in adance :wink:

realy nice

To Chrome the whole thing:

  • Select the whole mesh
  • Press F5 and on the material panel press the drop down for the materials, selecting each one you don’t want and pressing the X
  • Press F9 and on the link and materials panel press “Delete” under the material indeces so you’re left with just one
  • Press F5 again and make sure your chrome material is selected on the Material Panel

There’s more than one way to skin a cat in blender and I’m sure someone could come up with a faster way of doing this but thats basically it. In the CVS version of blender you can open up an outline view and simple select the mesh and unlink the materials from it that you don’t wish to use. However material indeces aren’t visualized so you’ll still have to delete those individually. Hmmm… not a bad idea actually… material index visualization… If vertex groups are visible why not material indeces right?

Anyway I digress, if you want more information about assigning materials look here:

A few views .
I gotta play with the lighting more , and a few of the textures ( I see I missed the back wheel , and Im gonna add a few more details and then on to the scene for this bad boy … hope you like it :wink:

Its very pretty but the brick texture in the background is hard on the eyes. Far too repetitive and it stands out like a sort thumb against the mechanical complexity of the bike. Perhaps some stylish graffiti or something would help, but please, in the name of all that is good and Blender, do not use that texture as is! :smiley:

hah no ,
No worries about that .
I was just sizing it out there … Update below , but as you can see … Im still not quite there , I may try to acheive realism in this one if possible .

I am really proud of this render, I can rememeber the days where I dreamed of making 3d like this .

gotta love Shift -D , I made another bike , working on the seperating details for the two bikes .

I have been to busy with clients to really test blender lately , but I gotta say it …

the OA , the undo ! The Taper curves … its all like a dream come true :wink:

I tried out most of the new features in this one … the nice metal paint is done with ramp shaders … even though Im not sure how to work them , I like the result so far LOL

thanks for all your help so far on this one guys :wink: its large … not for the impatient or bandwidth challenged .

The violet, yy pink, eh whatever, this on the right looks really cool. :smiley:

Some more work on the scene …

any ideas on how to produce that effect on the ground more believabily would be great

A little update … more work on the scene still

CC still welcome

wow, that is tight :smiley:

Thanks :wink: