MGP - Environment Thread (9/10/07 Forest Level Progress)

Welcome to the Environment Thread for the Ultimate Monkey Game Project.

9/10/07 (Minor Update)
I’m not going to reveal very much yet, however I’ve posted some WIP screens of the next level and an experimental UV map of monkey done by Stu_Flowers. The programming department has added tons of new abilities to the main character including climbing ladders and flying. There are now two camera modes and collision detection is working flawlessly. We’ve also got a cool fire effect that was also made by Stu_Flowers. Johnnyman has come up with an AI demo we’re all experimenting with and it really has a lot of potential, so I’m excited to see what he’s going to come up with next. Myshu and his team have been hard at work UV mapping new enemies which wont show up in this update. You can expect more content in the next update = )

6/26/07 (Major Update)
Wow, it has been 3 months since the last update and we’ve gotten pretty far since then. Most of this stuff is old news now, but I haven’t had time to update this thread so here it goes…

Level Design Team
Mr. Crunchy

Contributors (no longer active)

Team Objective:
Our objective is to create the environment and static meshes within the environment that conform to the abilities of the protagonist. His abilities include running, jumping, and flying. We are to design the manner in which the protagonist will proceed through the obstacles in the level and do everything we can to make sure the result is smooth and fun gameplay.

Current Screenshots (Latest Set Taken)

(Forest Level Progress…)

(Menu Scene)

(Level Screens)

Here’s a GLSL expirement:

Changes Since Last Update:
-All textures have been re-mapped and optimized.
-Migero has done some awesome renderbaking work for the first level. He has also modified some textures and re-created the trees.
-Stu_Flowers has created his own level that I’ve modified a bit, it’s still a work in progress but it’s looking great so far
-The volcano level has been started.
-Camera now supports collision detection. (there’s a bug in this, we’ve been notified about it)
-Tons of new characters! (many of them not yet UV mapped)

good job ven0m, this thread will be very helpful to many

the new captures look [email protected]_@p

looks great venom! keep it up!

great im working on the crystal and the bridge allready…!

This is how the assignments will work…

I will post what is needed on this thread, and you can volunteer here to model what you can. I’m doing it this way so that people don’t get stuck with something they cant handle. Suggestions are very welcome = )
If you guys have any ideas other than what I list here, please pm me (or catch me on IRC) so I can give you some guidelines and textures based on your ideas.

So, here’s the top view of the terrain:

  • I will need 2 rope bridges for the areas with water. Try to make the ends of the bridges meet with the rock paths on the terrain. The bridges will need to have missing planks so that the character can jump over those areas.

  • The hole near the center is the entrance to the other section of the level. I will need a door to cover that hole and a switch to open the door. There will also be a small hut that covers the hole.

Here’s what lies underground:

It’s basically a pathway to the waterfall. I really need help with this area. One person mentioned Crystals to me, and I think it will be a great idea to have those in the pathway. This area looks kinda bland. I’m welcome to any ideas. This is where I will need your creative input.

And last but not least, here’s the waterfall area:

But guess what’s missing… Yep you’re right! A Waterfall = ) This waterfall will cover the door leading to level 2. I will also need someone to model a door for the entrance. Any ideas here would also be greatly appreciated.

Take your pick! Felix_Kutt has already submitted a Hut model he’s working on = )

Check it out:

I will post new assignments as they come. Thanks for helping out = )

Wouldn’t you be better off setting up your own forum for this game?
You know instead of filling up the forums with: Monkey game Logic thread, enviroment thread, music thread etc. etc.
Just a suggestion :slight_smile:

Nice looking level though and i look forward to playing the game.

well I’m all-ready working on the bridges and crystal('s) so take this into the consideration =)

Sorry Felix I didnt see your post before mine. (it’s really late… err… early in the morning)

Sorry about the different threads. Our team is just too small for it’s own forum and too big for just one thread = (

well, its more like the game is too small/fast developed/speed product to have a page WITH a forum of its own, if, as an example, the team would decide to continue, as it is, and take up more projects & bigger ones, then there would actually be a point to have a page, with a forum of its own, but for a sudden grazy idea like this, i dont think a special forum will have much point =/

Ok, so I guess you don’t need my hut model anymore, it’s ok. =/

Continue working on it please, the hut you were working on is a different one I believe. I could find good use for it in another level. = )

Hey dude. I see you keeping ur cool. nice:cool:

I’m getting everyone else to combine their content into one blend file and to email it to me so that by the end of the weekend we can have a working demo for the first level at least (take your time) done.

At which point, hopefully people will feel reinvigorated from the weekend, as well as from the sight of seeing their work being put to use - and then we can begin polishing up content, as well as providing cinematics, and redefining gameplay and the gameplay systems.

Tell me what you think. I won’t be chatting much today - I’m working on the conent that I have to provide from my end.

my email is [email protected]

Here is a nice example of a well organized blend by Captain_Ahab.

It is very neat and has an incredible description in the text window that I’ve blown up so you can actually read it. Your blends don’t have to be exactly like this, but please make them comprable (whether they are blends or song files, please include some text about what your intentions for the file are)

and leaders please consolidate all the various doodads you receive from your members into one master file. I know that’s a lot of work and doesn’t really sound fun at all - but please do it for the scriptors who are really working very hard for this project.

please give me your thoughts everyone.

allready seen that in the scripting & game logic thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s a small update on the models that have been done so far…

This is what we got:

Switch (Captain_Ahab)

Crystals (Felix_Kutt)

Nice models guys, I may make minor adjustments to the textures if that’s alright. So far, only Captain_Ahab and Felix_Kutt have submitted models to me. We gotta step up the pace. Here are some things nobody has volunteered for yet:

  1. Circular door that covers the hole in the ground. Edit: Axar is working on this now.
  2. Waterfall (Don’t worry about attaching the waterfall to the rest of the level, I’ll do that) Edit: Braveheart is working on this now.
  3. Ideas, Ideas, Ideas… I really need your suggestions for models in the level. I’ve gotten very little input. Please give me your thoughts on what models should be added to the different parts of the level so that I can post them here.

Also, please keep in mind that your models should be textured before being submitted. Thanks for all your help so far = ) I’m going to add Captain_Ahab and Felix_Kutt’s models to the main .blend file.

Catch me on IRC if you can :wink:

Well, i have added a few things to the game:

  • A door under the waterfall.

  • A waterfall. ( was actually pretty hard to make, it needs a little work yet. )

  • All the water now moves.
    Ven0mSevenX, please do PM any more things that need done, if you’re not happy with any of the above let me know i will work on/remove it.

Brave. :wink:

Wow, looking very nice! Thanks a million Braveheart!

yup, a great work indeed! :slight_smile: side note: maybe you should visit the irc sometime, too!:stuck_out_tongue:

I downloaded IRC and i’m in a channel called “#MonkeyGame”, is that right?

yup, in freenode server, cant see you on, though… :frowning:
ahh Monkeygame (not sure if theres a difference… tho…)