MGP Needs You!

Hello all.

We people here at MGP have a problem…

Our current animator has been very busy these past weeks and will most likely be gone for a while…

We could sit and wait, but we dont want to! :yes:

What we are looking for is talent! in the field of animating. There will be no pay, only your name in the credits, plus you get access to all the secret MGP files!

If your interested, email me at > <i>[email protected]</i>

no this is not spam, we really need help~! :frowning:

You need an animator I think I could be usefull but can you be more specific about your needs ?

Mostly we need animations done for our main character: Monkey. I’ve been doing simple animations to time the programming, but we need someone who can take a rigged model and really make it come to life. No half-jobs…I could do better than that.

If you are an experienced and/or talented rigger and animator, then you might want to re-rig, but that’s up to you. Right now we have a pretty good rig.

That’s the deal. Thanks!


this one of my work on blender. I don’t useally work on blender for animating so I still learning the difference between this tool and lightwave ( the exporter mess the the rigging so I stopped using it )

I’m not the type of doing half hearted work so I having in mind to work properly and fast when you guys need something. The animation is not finished yet but I had some work to do so I had to stop it. If you need some other demo or example of my work ask me.

if people download the file I don’t want you to use the character because I’ll use it in a fighting game I’m making.