MGP Release 2

The Monkey Game Project has been in development for about a year and within that time, the team created TONS of blend files most of which weren’t seen in the demo release. I’ve gathered most of the blends and prepared screenshots and brief descriptions for you. Please note that not all of the content is shown here, some blend files were lost on my old computer (may it rest in peace :(). A lot of this work is unfinished and buggy, but it shows how much time/effort we put into this project. You’re allowed to do what you wish with these blends for educational purposes. Feel free to add on, modify, dissect, or otherwise alter these blend files as you please, but please don’t claim them as your own or sell them for profit (unless of course you were to donate it all to the Blender Foundation ;)). The blends have been organized into 5 categories for your convenience: Level Design, Programming, Minigames, Critters, and Resources.

…::Level Design::…

Filename: forestlevel7.blend
This level has 2 main sections, the forest and the cave. We were experimenting with the monkey’s abilities here in terms of climbing and floating. There are also some pretty cool water and fire effects in this blend as well.

Filename: forestlevelRB.blend
This is the renderbaked version of forestlevel7.blend.

Filename: MenuScene3.blend
This is an early concept for the menu scene. Originally we wanted to have the firefly be controlled by the user’s mouse but there were some technical difficulties and the firefly didn’t make it into the demo.

Filename: MenuSceneRB.blend
Renderbaked version of MenuScene3.blend.

Filename: MGP13_linux2.blend
This is what became of the first level ever created for MGP. This blend has chaser’s basic control system, which is kinda buggy. Windows users might experience system beep sounds while rotating the camera, this is a bug that I was unable to fix. I tried implementing Stu’s control system but it went all crazy when I tried to do that so I decided to leave it the way it is. This level has lots of hidden areas to explore, and consists of 3 scenes.

Filename: oasis.blend
Description: The start of a level design by Pash. It was a great start but unfortunately it was never finished.

Filename: Test_Level.blend
Description: Pretty much the same as above. This level design has a really cool rain effect, so check it out = )

Filename: MGP_CharacterTest2.blend
This really belongs in the programming category because it showcases Stu’s new weapon system, but he also created a really neat level section which I’ve modified a bit. The bird model was created by Vega_Moo I believe, and unfortunately it was never used in the demo.

[****Download all the Level Design files here****](


Filename: MGP_abilities4.blend
This blend showcases all of monkey’s abilities. He can climb, interact with water, shimmy along a vine, and slide down a zipline.

Filename: AI.blend
This is one of Johnnyman’s expermiments with AI. During this time in the project there was talk of an alternative shadow monkey mode, which is displayed here. The animals will follow and attack you so don’t get too close unless you’re ready to fight. :stuck_out_tongue:

Filename: MGP_Jump7.blend
This is a demo in which you have to kill 5 turrets. It has a full GUI, breakable crates, and is a very impressive display of how Stu_Flowers went from knowing very little about the BGE to being a Python Pro. Definitely worth your time to check it out, you might learn a thing or two :wink:

Filename: MGP_DemoProgress5_features.blend
This file shows our progress on the boss battle at the end of the demo. You can throw fireballs with the right mouse button, swim underwater, and fight the boss. To activate the boss just hit him with a fireball.

Download all the Programming files here


Filename: bananamobile_Juggler.blend
The beginning of a racing minigame for MGP.

Filename: bananaMOBILEnewedition2.blend
The racing minigame starts to take shape. Ls_Blend adds his cool special effects to the bananamobile to make it seem like its going really fast. There’s also a new track, but it never got finished.

Filename: bananaturret.blend
Description: A very interesting experiment by Ls_Blend using Social’s FPS Template.

Filename: MonkeyRoll.blend
Description: A neat little platforming prototype for a minigame.

Download all the Minigame files here

Filename: Critters.blendDescription: This is basically just all of the characters we have uploaded on the polorix account, appended all into one blend. There were more characters than this if I remember correctly, but they didn’t all get uploaded.

Filename: MGP_TucanFirstAnimations.blend
Description: The first animations of the Tucan.

Download all the Critter files here


Filename: Plants.blend
Contains the plants used in MGP. Also contains a blue banana = )

Filename: monkeyweapons.blend
Dont give these to a monkey :stuck_out_tongue:

Download all the Resource files here

Everything is still being uploaded at the moment (over 160 mb!) so the links will be added after that process is complete. Thank you for your interest in MGP. It’s been great working with all the talented team members, and I really hope you guys learn a lot from these blends. We couldn’t have done it without the support of the Blender Artists community, so thank you all very much for your help and advice. :yes:

MGP Members: If you have a blend file that should be here and is missing please contact me so I can add it to the thread.

…::Credits (Members and Contributors)::…

C-106 Delta
Mr. Crunchy

  • = Team Leader

(If I missed anyone please contact me and let me know)

YES YES YES finally all our hard work is released.

enjoy it people :slight_smile:

edit: be sure to credit everyone who worked on mgp…


You guys did a whole bunch of work! That bananamobile looks awesome XD

Links have been added.

Here they are, for those of you who don’t feel like digging through the thread.
Level Design, Programming, Minigames, Resources, and Critters.

I kept getting an “Internal Server Error” when trying to upload the Level Design zip file to polorix, so the Level Design link will only work for 7 days or 100 downloads, its a temporary solution until I can find a better place to upload it.

Ah, thanks for doing this venom, I was about to, but im glad i didnt, Good Job!

Thanks Jman = )

Could one of the MGP members please be kind enough to try to upload the Level Design zip file to the monkeygame polorix account under the “Public Files” folder? I tried like 6 or 7 times and I kept getting an “Internal Server Error” but this never happened with any of the other files and the Level Design zip is 86 mb, so it should work right? I think the filesize limit is 200 mb. If it dosen’t work for someone else then i’ll try to find another place to host it that dosent limit the bandwidth or amount of time hosted.

Thanks guys (everyone on the MGP team) and Venom for uploading these files. These are gonna be great to study for a newbie like me. :stuck_out_tongue:
And you’ve done sooo much too. lol :spin:

This is…
Great work guys, it really payed off, I’m really sorry that all of this couldn’t make it into the final version of the game. Great Job.

Many many thanks, Ven0m! That was a lot of compiling and documentation, and we really appreciate it. This release is probably as important as the other, there’s so much work here.

Everyone: Tickle my funny bone; download “MGP_Jump7.blend”…I spent hours and hours on that one…


Those screens look great. Great work.

i gives my 5 stars to u ppl. :slight_smile:

Great work! Alot of work! Cool game!
Now if I was you guys, I’ll rest 5 days and with all the knowledge you have now, you can start new project…wich can become something great, something that can prove that Apricot should been done with BGE not CS. :wink:

This game of yours shows that you can work together…and can make something great with Blender GE.

I’m just getting started with blender, lots of looking around for info and tips. Spotted the artcle for MGP in the BlenderArt Magazine and went looking for it… I was about to give up, thinking it was in stasis (or abandoned) and then found this. Definitely a pleasant surprise.

Downloaded, loaded in Blender, and ran it. It is definitely fun, and I hope to learn a lot from what you’ve accomplished.

If there’s an award for Blender projects I hope you get it.

Venom, I will give you access to my server for a mirror for all of these if you want.


p.s. Thanks for sharing

Here is the mirror!! YAY! Its not fast but its up all the time! And its free! Cause Its me!
Venom, for some reason my server wont allow me to create you an account… strange really… so if you can find a place to host it for a minute ill download it and put it on my server!

Thanks! The webspace is very much appreciated! :wink:

Still need the level design file… ill download it and put it on the mirror as soon as someone can find a host for a day or so!


So I thought to pop in here… after a long while. This seems to be going well! Good job!