MGS2 on 8600 GT <need help !! , uhhhh>

Hi , i need help , after testing metal gear solid 2 with 8600 GT card , it showed a lot of glitches like texture less models <except alpha maps worked and billboard alpha maps <PP will understand me here :rolleyes:> > , it asked me to install direct~X 8 , isn’t thier any fix or patch

forget the Xbox , i just wanted to show the game cover for the ones who don’t know it .
dude i want to play this game properly on the new card :frowning: .
last summer i finished mgs3 on ps2 , but i really miss Olga Gurlokovich :evilgrin: , vamp :RocknRoll: , and those dudes …

:expressionless: I don’t know what could be the problem, the obvius thing it would be the reinstalation of DX8, because DX9 already works diferently, but windowx Xp already comes with DX8, so… unless you have Vista!? If thats the case then It could be the problem :s
But It’s a supreme game you’ve got there, I played it on PS2, although I like more MGS3 this is still is a very powerfull don’t miss by anything, game. Hope you fixe it soon :wink:
sorry couldn’t be more helpfull :o

allright , i’m not very convinced of re-installing the the old , but i will give it a try … , i’m on xp
PS : don’t miss Metal Gear Acid 2 on PSP, Playing it all day , cool , cards like yugi-oh … :RocknRoll: