Mhx lip sync tutorial???

Can anyone point me in the direction of a good lip sync tutorial? I’ve never tried to use the new MHX lip sync tools and I’m wondering if that’s a good route to take. I have a couple of weeks to animate a twenty minute conversation between 7 people.

Thanks in advance. And, yes i do think I can have it done in time. If I have to I will use magic or possibly potions.

I prefer this way:

You can try using the face rig with Makehuman. You can move and animate the mouth controls. Personally, I prefer the MHX lip sync tools and have successfully used it for a short film project for Uni. It makes lip syncing a lot quicker.

You can also try a tool called Papagayo from which takes voice data and creates mouth movement information and this can be imported into the MHX plugin but I’ve never really tried it.

Yes, Solowy’s solution is the best way. You take your sound file, use Papagayo to create a .dat file. Load the .dat with the the lip sync tool that you import with your MHX rig and you’re basically done.