mhx (makeHuman) exporter script

hallo everyone :slight_smile:
i have a mhx (makeHuman) object. I modified it and i want to export again as mhx (because someday i want to import again this ‘.mhx’ object). But on my blender (2.62.3) there is no ‘.mhx’ type for exporting. So, i searched and found a python script to export into ‘.mhx’ for my blender. it can be runned, but when i exported my ‘.mhx’ object, there are so much error. it means that script didn’t work to export into ‘.mhx’ for my blender. i need help :slight_smile:
maybe one of You has or find a makeHuman script to export it. i need it!
thanks before

Workflow is typically from Makehuman to Blender. Since Blender offers many more (or at least, less specialized) features when compared to Makehuman, the reverse trip will likely give you undesired results.

aaah, i see.
So, what I want to do actually is save this mhx file that i modified before. I imported a MHX object and than i made a new loop in this object. So, i want to save this loop and whenever i want to import again this object (as MHX) there will be that loop again.
And maybe do you have Idea how to do that?
thanks before :slight_smile:

Can’t you save it as a .blend file after adding the loop?

i can save it as a .blend file after adding the loop. But, when i deleted that object and imported again the same object, i don’t get the loop that i made before. that’s why i think, i need mhx exporter, so whenever i imported the same object, i’ll get what i did before… :smiley:
i hope my explanation isn’t confusing you :smiley:

You should determine the reason why the loop is not there when you re-open your model rather than use such a complex method as resaving as a .mhx file.
When you add the loop and you saved your blend file are you just opening the blend file again or using the append function. Are you sure you are opening the correctly saved file.

Not confusing. The reason why the loop is missing is because you’re re-importing the MHX file. Once you save the .blend file, that’s the file you want to use for any subsequent work. The MHX file is no longer of any use to you (unless, of course, you mess up the .blend file).