MI-24 Hind Helicopter

Current image:
Been working on a helicopter recently - about 12 hours of work so far. Clays only for the minute. I Understand it was a mistake to model the cockpit into the fuselage, but any other crits are welcome!
Flare Dispenser-
Air intakes-
Rocket lancher rear view-
Missile launcher real view-


looks pretty good but i notice there is a subsurf artifact of some kind on the edge of the shroud surrounding the fan.

Off to a museum tommorrow to get better references - Thanks for pointing out the vent problem - its fixed now.

Nice, like the AO for showing the details…

Completely remodelled cockpit
Reworked topology

Very nice & accurate work ! im new to blender but had to study all warsaw pact air craft in , air craft recognition classes, in air defense artillery, us. army, Germany. are you going to design the wheeled landing gear ? the hind-a and the mi- hip both had wheels. the rocket pods look great , just like the ones i saw on a mig 21 fishbed & a 25 foxbat, two soviet defecteds in a then secret hanger at ramstien afb. the jets had all exposed rivetry on thier outer fusilage, thats why ours were faster. im pretty sure their helos had the same outer skins. The cockpit instrumentation looks alot like the blender console , just joking ! Outstanding job. keep up the good work. bro.steve

@bro.steve after the the tail rotor the landing gear will be the next thing on the menu. Hopefully the rives will be bump-mapped. Could take a while tho as I still have to do the nose gun.

Thanks for the input!

Have now finished tail rotor and landing gear - no clays for now as on laptop which doesnt do rendering, screenshots tho-

Quick update:

Looking great so far, you might want to look into UV-unwrapping the hull, maybe adding the sharks mouth decal :D.

Sory for drawing on your work but i want to ask about one somethink.


It’s nice detiled i must have to say pretty good work can you show mesh?

tires on landing gear maybe (especially front) flattened out a bit where they meet ground to show they are under load?

Your screenshots:

now thats looking like a serious piece of ruski armorment, great modelling!

I’m sorry to say, but I think you need to redo most of the fuselage.
There should be faceloops around the air intake, door, windows and landing gear hole.
I made a picture of what I think the mesh topology should look like.
Red is for things i think that should be added, yellow is for things i think should be removed

If your going to say anything other then a compliment, I don’t want to hear it. I’m tired of people dismissing me.


Seems a bit over aggressive?

As for your crits - they all seem reasonable - I’m not going to the extent of remodelling the whole fueslage - not to dissmiss you - but I just cant be bothered. A bit of retopo might be in order tho.

Thanks for going to the effort of marking things out.

he is right the topology is terrible around doors.

done some retopology - here is where I am now.