Mia Minimi

A simple comic character modelling i did for a workshop for the Digital Production:


Cute model. Did you have to name it after the Minimi light machine gun? :stuck_out_tongue:

No “Minimi” comes from “Austin Powers”, the son of Dr. Devil called “Minimi” and i thought Mia would be a great first name to that :slight_smile:


I think the arms are too short, I don’t think it could hold anything. Great model otherwise. Aren’t you the same Bart that maintains the blender3d.org gallery? Bart Veldhuizin?

That character’s name is “Mini-me”, not “Minimi”.


Ooops, you are right it was Mini-Me (what make sens)


Thanx! First the arms were longer but with the very short ones it looks cooler. I’m not Bart Veldhuizin, i am Bart from area42 (Berlin/ Germany) that developed the new x3d/vrml exporter that shipped with Blender.