Mia round corners

I’m really curious, how hard it would be to develop similar feature in Cycles as shown in the video? The tool is able
to create beveled corners to a low poly sharp edged model. See the video to understand better.
I think it would replace easily in some situations for example pointines.

Bevel shader ? https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?329295-Bevel-shader

This is their patent of the feature:


I think it is possible to do something similar without violating the patent.

A few years back, there was someone known as Agus3D who wrote such a patch for Cycles, but unfortunately never finished it (after a month or so he stepped away from development and was never heard from again).

Oh, that’s really sad story. :confused: His code is of course not released so no one could continue his progress?

Okay, I found this thread. I’ll check it more carefully, if I can find out anything that a dumb like me can use. :stuck_out_tongue: